Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Legacy of Discord Hack 2017

Legacy of Discord Hack 2017

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To learn more about this hack, feel free to watch the video below :

Have fun!


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  2. I really was hoping this would work I have tried several times I have posted on Instagram Twitter and Facebook to skip the verification that I am a human anyway I'm going to try this one more time I hope that it works I have spent a long time trying to do this maybe you could give me some advice what I'm doing wrong I get to the part where it's supposed to go to the solitaire game but that is not a choice on my phone no matter how many times I tried I even downloaded Modzilla and I only use Chrome it still did not come up thank you very much for your time have a wonderful day Averbug2011 on the game legacy of discord I couldn't even get one diamond ore any coins the coins don't matter but as many posts as I put on Facebook about it already and also Instagram and Twitter it looks like I could have at least got a thousand anyway

    1. I have downloaded 3 apps ran them I also posted on Facebook Twitter and Instagram why is it not opening or transferring the rewards can somebody please explain this to me or help me please is very frustrating I've been doing it for hours is it going to work or not it keeps saying I have to download another and another and it says one more one more 3 is more than it said and it also said I could skip that if I post it on three separate places please can somebody help me with this or is this just a scam so that I get lots of junk email and offers for things that I don't want I'm disappointed in this really everything has worked exactly like you said on YouTube but it only said I had to download to on YouTube it shows you only have to go to Solitaire it does not offer that I even downloaded Modzilla Foxfire so that I could do it exactly like it shows on YouTube Legacy of Discord please explain this to me contact me on my email or do something I can't even get anything I guess I'm just going to give up but I won't buy any more diamonds either because what is the use it's not going to do anything I can't upgrade anymore I can't even go into My Heroes trials because it wants 750 diamonds I've already spent $75 this week and that's all I'm spending I guess I just won't play anymore

  3. Well after hours and hours and downloading three of the apps and running them for over 5 minutes each when it only said I needed to I also posted to Facebook Twitter and Instagram like it said I made a comment on YouTube a nice comment and I downloaded Modzilla Foxfire so I could do it exactly like it shows on YouTube and it still will not do anything else can somebody please help me thank you Avarbug2011 my name in the game